Christmas Decor to Make the Season Sparkle


It’s for this reason that Ray relies on an artificial, pre-lit tree to keep his decorating as maintenance-free as possible. When it comes to arranging his array of ornaments, he has it down to a science. “One thing I feel that every tree needs is a beaded garland; it gives it movement and added sparkle,” he explains. “I drape it on first, followed by either the base ornaments or just plain colored balls.”


Starting from the center of the tree, Ray works outward, layering each limb as he goes. “The outside ornaments are my special ones, such as those by Christopher Radko, as well as other favorites that were gifts or that I picked up during my travels.” He also admits that at one time he had about 2,000 ornaments on his tree; understandably, that number has since been scaled back.