Making Magnetic Chalkboards


A master crafter finds inspiration—and supreme storage—in her cozy basement workroom.

“My husband likes to say that if you stand still in our home long enough, you’ll likely get painted,” reveals Joanne Holloway. “The funny thing is, he’s practically right!”

Lucky for Joanne (and her family), this talented artist has a color-splashed downstairs space devoted to design. It is here that the busy small business owner crafts whimsically functional home items, including popular jewelry hangers and magnetic chalkboards.JoannHolloway1

Although an ocean away from her hometown of Portsmouth, Hampshire, in England, Joanne says she feels most at peace surrounded by the tools of her trade: wood, metal, paint, and fabrics. “With inspiration comes creativity, and with creativity comes inspiration,” she promises.

STYLE IDEA: Shop antiques stores (or even your attic) to find a paneled window. Carefully remove a few of the glass panes and unwanted paint to reveal an ideal frame. From there a simple addition of fabric, cork, and chalkboard-painted metal will complete your project.


Joanne Holloway and her furry companion, Harriet, are known to spend long days and late nights working in Joanne’s quaint downstairs craft room. A simple towel hook secures a dry-erase pen or a set of keys, while an upside-down drawer pull can be used to cradle chalk.