Make Life Easier with These Home Upgrades

Photography by William Dickey, Built by Wiggins Building Corporation, Design by Eric Dale

Text by Bethany Adams

When it comes to designing a home, everyone knows the importance of crafting a space that overflows with beauty and serenity—but what about convenience? If you’re building, renovating, or just looking for a new project, these innovative features are perfect for making your home as practical as it is beautiful.

Pantry Perfection

Photography by Ron Aguilar, Built by Home Sweet Home by Mitch

This popular trend is a genius idea that we’re pretty sure is going to stick around! Known as Costco doors, these handy hatches facilitate easy access to the pantry from the garage, which means eliminating those multiple trips to and from the car—so you can get straight to cooking!

Sugar and Spice

Photography by William Dickey, Built by Wiggins Building Corporation, Design by Eric Dale

Having a spice drawer next to your range is a practical idea, but using up valuable drawer space is not. Make better use of the often-unutilized space between cabinets with sliding drawers that will keep your favorite flavors right where you need them!

Within Reach

Photography by William Dickey, Design by Nandina Home & Design, Built by Design Builders

Why go digging around for your favorite saucepan every time you need it? This open-drawer storage solution improves accessibility in a convenient location—and the natural wood finish is the icing on the cake!

Wash Up

Photography by Christopher Stark, Design by Dina Bandman

Have kids and/or dogs in your home? We love the idea of adding a wash station to the mudroom or laundry area. While it’s obviously ideal for quick cleanings after outdoor adventures, you’re sure to find plenty more practical uses for it.

Keep It Close

Photography by Laurey Glenn, Design by Ashley Gilbreath, Architectural Design by Tippett Sease Baker Architecture

The constant struggle of kitchen organization is keeping everything you need at hand without cluttering your countertops. Hiding a cubby away behind a favorite work of art is a solution that prioritizes both fashion and function.

Hanging Out

Photography by William Dickey

Don’t forget to put your empty wall space to work! It’s a simple solution, but hanging a few bars near your work space can give you a handy place to keep cookware and utensils.

Hidden Perks

Photography by John O’Hagan

Find an abundance of wall outlets unsightly but love those Instant Pot® recipes? These homeowners opted for a fix that keeps the view clean but provides plenty of plugs when they’re needed.


Photography by Dana Hoff, Design by Marnie Custom Homes

If you’re dealing with a small floor plan, storage is always going to be a priority, and creativity is key. If you’re adding stairs in your home, take the opportunity to introduce extra drawers that won’t take up additional floor space.

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