Step Inside This Lakeside Getaway


Text By Linda wright / Photography by William Dickey

Thoughts of retiring by the lake with time to golf, read, and relax were on the minds of these homeowners when they built their dream lakeside getaway.

John and Carolyn Hartman had been going to their favorite lake for years, and when a lot became available within shouting distance of the golf course, John was enamored with the idea of building their own lake house. They wanted to keep the floor plan open so their four grown children and their spouses and all 10 grandkids could gather together. Carolyn’s design background helped her accomplish this goal with one large room housing the kitchen, dining, and family areas and using furniture placement to define the spaces.


A large cast-iron farmhouse sink comes with a view. Few upper kitchen cabinets were included, but two islands were added to make up for the missing storage.  “I can be cooking at one island while someone sits at the other, and we can talk without getting in each other’s way,” Carolyn says.


One of Carolyn’s favorite pieces, this cupboard is hand painted with images of roosters.


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