Jessica Lev Shares Tips for Styling Antique Accessories

A book shelf with antique books, boxes, and Blue Willow china.
Photography by Jessica Lev, Interior designs by Laura Weaver

Text by Holly Seng

Whether you’re on the fence about incorporating antiques into your home’s interiors or you just aren’t sure where to begin, Jessica Lev of Jessica Lev Antiques recommends starting small. Don’t let their compact size fool you—these pieces make a big impact as they lend warmth and add depth to any room.

An antique cabinet filled with porcelain plates, leather books, and wooden boxes.
Photography by Kelli Durham, Interior designs by Amanda Simmons

“Accessories are the easiest way to bring antiques into your house and see how you feel about them,” says Jessica, who runs a custom antiques sourcing business in Houston, Texas. “They’re little, portable, can be shifted around, and are much more economical.”

A marble-topped dresser featuring colorful porcelain pieces and an antique wooden box.
Photography by Masha Lyons

A firm believer that finishing touches are the most important elements in a space, Jessica considers antique boxes and books her go-to accents. Gently worn leather-bound books in rich hues anchor airy palettes while stacked antique boxes give dimension to bookshelf vignettes. “If you’re interested in finding out what an antique chest might look like, start with an antique box,” Jessica says.

A dining room with a wall display of mix and matched antique porcelain plates.
Photography by Molly Culver, Interior designs by Jennifer Barron

With Chinese porcelain’s intricate designs and striking schemes, it’s no surprise collecting it is one of Jessica’s passions. “Just having a few plates on a bookcase [or] wall, or styling them on a chest makes such a difference,” she says. “It’s a great conversation starter because the pieces are so beautiful and vibrant.”

A living room with built-ins that feature antique accessories.
Photography by Melissa Fitzgerald West, Interior designs by Katie Davis

The best part about these small treasures is their natural segue into building larger collections. “It’s really hard to collect chests,” Jessica says. “How many spaces are there in your house for chests? But you can always find a space for an antique box.”

A steel blue office with rich wood furnishings and warm leather accents.
Photography by Molly Culver, Interior designs by Jennifer Barron

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