It’s a Vintage Glam Christmas! See Inside Blogger Kim Hazel’s Holiday Home

white kitchen with Christmas greenery
Photography by Kim Hazel

Text by Hannah Jones

When Kim Hazel starts her Christmas decorating, she shops. “I typically start with any new purchases,” she explains. But not long after that comes the fun part—pulling all her holiday treasures out from storage, where they’ll find new life again, if only for the next couple of months.

Kim, who authors a blog with her daughter Lacey, has an affinity for vintage pieces in nonseasonal home décor, so it’s no surprise that her Christmas decorations would follow suit. “I like to call my style ‘French vintage glam,’” she says. “I’m drawn to a mix of French, cottage, shabby chic, and glam, with vintage finds and a little bit of whimsy added for character.”

Her fairy tale-like decorations have the makings of a child’s dream, with all the elegance an adult would crave. Neutral tones like white, beige, gray, and soft blue hues abound from her floors and walls and extend to the furniture, while her accent pieces have the fun with color. Pink chairs, faux fur stools, snowy flocked trees—there’s no shortage of whimsical glam in her home.

Grand stairwell with garland and pink accented Christmas tree
Photography by Kim Hazel

Before you even walk through the door, you’re greeted with the sights and smells of fresh seasonal greenery in the form of garlands, wreaths, and trees surrounding her entrance. From there, the warmth of the space is immediately evident from the first step into the foyer. Glittering lights from a crystal chandelier hang overhead while a lit garland is draped down the stair rails and one of her many Christmas trees offers a cheerful welcome. French-style armchairs draped with holiday pillows and cozy throws beckon you to enter.

Vintage glam living room with white baby grand piano and Christmas decor
Photography by Kim Hazel

Moving into her living room, an expanse of chic furnishings, from the mirrored coffee table to the gilded reindeer that perches atop it, creates an inviting space for holiday guests and family to gather. A white baby grand piano anchors the room, and rustic, distressed vintage-style mirrors complement elegant, crystal-laden sconces above a tufted sofa covered in cozy pillows.

White and light blue Christmas decor in den with fireplace
Photography by Kim Hazel

The family room takes a turn from Kim’s usual pink and neutral combination for a more subdued blue and gray, with textures like fur, velvet, glass, and distressed wood adding interest to the room. Cozy tufted furnishings and French-style armchairs carry a common thread between the two spaces, in addition to another flocked tree. A gorgeous abstract angel painting and a flocked garland intertwined with ornaments top the fireplace mantel.

white kitchen with holiday greenery
Photography by Kim Hazel

In the heart of the home is the kitchen, where the Hazels spend a great deal of their time during the holiday season entertaining friends and family. A large island provides a spot to serve food and rest drinks while catching up with friends, and a large table has ample seating.

Photography by Kim Hazel

The master bedroom pays homage to the living room, decked in neutral hues and accented with touches of glitter and pink. A smaller flocked tree sits in the corner next to another French-style armchair and a faux fireplace. Faux fur stockings, stool, and rug all add textural interest next to the tree, glass candles, and metal fireplace screen. A distressed vintage dresser adds a rustic touch to the space, a theme Kim tries to carry into every room in the home. “I love the juxtaposition of rustic mixed with refined, like a chipped-paint table or chair next to a crystal chandelier,” she explains.

Over the course of the season, the family hosts many gatherings, including three on the days leading up to the 25th. But Kim doesn’t mind the chaos a bit because from the chaos comes memories, something she cherishes. “Christmas is always a fun day of food, games, presents, and music,” she says.

Photography by Kim Hazel

The Hazels built their home from the ground up in 2005, nestled in a new-development suburban neighborhood, which gave Kim the opportunity to let her creative imagination run free when designing the house. “I’ve always been inspired by home décor magazines, and more recently, I draw inspiration from not only magazines but also Instagram, Pinterest, and other home décor blogs,” she says.


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