Create Your Porch Style

Lovely Front Porch

Style starts before you even reach the front door; the porch is a guest’s first introduction to your home.

Ripe with opportunity to showcase your personal decorating touches, porches are an often-overlooked but useful part of a home. When decorating your porch, consider what kinds of activities you want to be able to enjoy in your outdoor room. Sip a tall glass of tea and a read a magazine in a rocking chair; add a table and chairs to use your porch as a dining room for hosting outdoor gatherings. It’s a versatile area that’s perfectly suited to act as an extension of your indoor living space.

Beautiful Porch Swing

Set for Swinging

A substantial swing is the perfect place to curl up with a book or take an afternoon nap. Hanging baskets of petunias not only reflect the whimsical pink walls of the cottage, they also help define and privatize the porch space. Classic cozy rocking chairs invite passing neighbors to come up on the porch and share in conversation with the family. A classic rose-draped archway and white picket fence mirror the look of the spindles and trim on the porch behind.

Rocking Chair Porch Detail

A Pop of Color

These lovely annuals in a large cobalt blue pot by the door give a bright and inviting look to the entry.


Make it Cozy

Plush cushions and throw pillows make the porch more comfortable and can be changed to coordinate with seasonal décor.


Useful Space

A cozy seating group encourages family time and entertaining in an outdoor living space, and a twin-size swing bed turns the screen porch into an outdoor bedroom during the warmer months.


Keep it Cool

A ceiling fan creates a pleasant breeze on the stillest of summer days, while the vibrantly hued drapery and botanical patterns of the cushions paired with annual blooms in creative containers give a cheery pizzazz to the neutral finishes and furnishings.

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