Take the Plush Plunge with Velvet Home Décor

Using the same design techniques, he started creating pillows and throws. He then moved his production studio from the tiny barn where they’d been producing all their products to a loft in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, and in 2012, they moved to their permanent home in South Philadelphia. The team converted an old movie theater into a modern gem that suits all their needs to keep production under one roof. They now design, print, paint, and dye all their fabrics in a single location, where it’s later cut and sewn on-site as well.

Photography by Kevin O’Brien Studio
Velvet colors
Photography by Kevin O’Brien Studio

Kevin and his team boast more than 35 unique color ways and 20 different patterns of velvet textiles. In addition to pillows and throws, the studio has recently added bedding to their repertoire. Today’s market demand for bedding designs poses certain challenges, Kevin admits, especially for a studio whose primary product is wildly bold and strikingly beautiful. “When we were doing pillows, the main goal was that there’d be a lot of pizzazz and create something that would really be the focal point or accent that you could put on a plain sofa or bed,” Kevin shares. “Everybody says, ‘You can do whatever you want in bedding as long as it’s gray, taupe, white, or pale blue.’ That’s a definite challenge for us, so we’re bringing in a lot of interesting texture.”