Hyacinths to Beat the Winter Blues

Hyacinths When You Need Them | The Cottage Journal

Something as remarkable as a hyacinth deserves a sparkling presentation. Hyacinth forcers first appeared in the 1730s and quickly gained the contours of the hourglass figure so popular at the time, with a cup to balance the bulb and a pinched waist to keep it from sinking into the water below. Although hyacinth forcers come in clear glass, that’s just the beginning. Playing off the spectrum of shades that hyacinth flowers display, hyacinth forcers come in complementary colors, and there’s nothing more beautiful than light playing through colored glass. A hyacinth coupled with a forcer is the perfect package to brighten the bleakest of winter days.

Spring may be many weeks away. Storms will blow in; snow will pile up. Sometimes, it might feel interminable. But then, you’ve got that little glass vase perched on your windowsill blooming its courageous heart out. Hyacinths are hope.