Hyacinths to Beat the Winter Blues

Hyacinths When You Need Them | The Cottage Journal

Of all the spring bulbs, hyacinths are the easiest to coax into performance on the inside of the frosty panes. Basically, hyacinths do not need anything more than the running start of a cooling segment to start their little engines revving. Hyacinths require about 10 weeks of pre-chilling. Keep them in the refrigerator until the end of December, and they should be ready for action. You could pot the bulbs in a container, but another option is also available for hyacinths. After pre-chilling, place a hyacinth bulb in a forcer just above the water line (wear gloves when handling hyacinth bulbs, they can cause skin irritation), put it on a windowsill, and wait. In just a few weeks, the first signs of foliage and flower buds will emerge. Keep the water fresh by emptying it out, rinsing the roots, and filling it up again. Meanwhile, enjoy the slow splendor.