How to Create a Refined Outdoors Look in Your Home

Outdoors Look
Photography by Scot Zimmerman

By Ann Zimmerman

High-end luxury influenced by rustic hunting and fishing lodges creates a style perfect for the sophisticated who also loves the outdoors. Look to these tips if you’re wanting a more al fresco feel to your home.

Living Room
Photography by Scot Zimmerman
1. Incorporate design features that cater to outdoor activities.

Creating a space where men feel at ease can be a design challenge, especially for men who would rather be outdoors than inside. However, with careful attention to materials, scale, colors, and accessories found in nature, a refined and current look can be achieved. This canoe mounted on the living room wall definitely gives this space a sporty look while the silver and pewter tableware set against crisp white linens exudes refined style.

Photography by Scot Zimmerman
2. Use neutral colors found in nature and mix unexpected elements. 

The design of this small but comfortable home achieves a balance between tasteful sophistication and a love of the outdoors. The colors of this cottage draw from a natural palette. In the entry, the bright white walls issue a strong contrast to the dark black brown woodwork and frames for the artwork. There, the hardware for the coat hooks is dark, oversized, and slightly western in flavor. The kitchen cabinets’ pale green complements the wooden-plank floors and the dark brown veined marble of the countertops. The rustic flair is juxtaposed against the sleek, spherical copper light fixtures suspended from the lowered ceiling that defines the kitchen’s open floor plan.