How to Create a Fall Garden

Fall Garden

Hang Indian corn and winterberries hand on a barn door.

Tips for Buying Plants During This Season  

Purchase plants that don’t bow out early. Check labels for autumnal interest. Ask at garden centers whether a perennial can be encouraged to re-bloom if given a haircut in mid-season. Clip chrysanthemums and asters so they look their best by September, pushing the “wow factor” around your house well into fall. Extend your interaction with nature as long as you possibly can.

In fact, fall perks can continue for years. Of course, the shrubs and trees that you purchase with autumn in mind are a great permanent investment in your property.

Even chrysanthemums can have a life beyond just a few months of glory. Chrysanthemums ‘Sheffield’, ‘Cambodian Queen’, and ‘Mary Stoker’ are rock solid hardy and fully capable of surviving year after year. These varieties tend to form a loose display compared to the tender mums that form a solid mound of blossoms, but they look more natural in the garden and, of course, there’s the perk that they provide repeat performances. And mums are just the tip of the iceberg. While the weather is above freezing at night, enlist tender houseplants such as Swedish ivy (Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’) that blossom on cue when day length shortens. Just remember to whisk them inside when frost is predicted. The result will be a multilayered presentation with the entire cast of characters on stage for the grand finale.

Fall is such a special moment to be outside. There’s nothing like late season light to enhance the beauty of your garden, so use this tip and create a magnificent fall garden!

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