How to Create a Fall Garden

Fall Garden

By Tovah Martin

Fall was once labeled “the forgotten season.” It was the time when gardeners packed up their tools and tearfully kissed growing things goodbye. But that’s no longer the case. Given some savvy footwork with flowering cabbages and kales, plus a smattering of asters, mums and similar fall performers, you can liberate this formerly neglected interlude in the gardening calendar.

Putting autumn on the map might take a little research into the end-of-season foliage hues when making tree selections. You might need to check into bloom times, and purchase perennials accordingly. But putting the glitz into autumn can make the difference between a sad end and a sparky extension of your garden’s moment to shine.

Follow these tips when styling your garden for the fall season:

Autumn is all about texture. Layer the plumes of ornamental grasses against tupelo, chokeberry (Aronia)serviceberry (Amelanchier), and other trees and shrubs that blush brilliant shades before sending their leaves fluttering to the ground.

Fall Garden

Pile pumpkins into wheelbarrows and carts, and pepper them around the seasonal scene. Get gourds and stack them on benches and tables as accents.