This Homeowner Takes DIY to a Whole New Level at Christmastime

Photography by William Dickey

Text by Bethany Adams

Tiffany Castleberry knew when she and her husband, Hillary, moved into their Alabama home that it called for a Southern farmhouse style—and that was fine with her. “I’ve always loved that farmhouse style doesn’t have to just fit into one box,” Tiffany says. “I feel like you can take the style and make it your own.”

And that’s exactly what they did, adding shiplap-style walls and fresh paint to create a backdrop that would showcase personal touches and creative DIY projects by Tiffany. And at Christmastime, her creativity reaches new heights, resulting in a cheerful atmosphere with all the charms of home.

Photography by William Dickey

While Tiffany uses many of the same elements from year to year, she tries to incorporate new pieces to freshen up the look and create something unique. “I think I’ve had the same neutral, wood-look natural ornaments, and this year I incorporated some blacks and whites with some of the gold accents,” she says. “The year before, I did red and green.”

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