At Hibiscus Linens, There’s Something Special in Every Stitch

Hibiscus linen store.
Photography by Sissy Martin

Text by Bethany Adams

During Mariana Barran Goodall’s childhood in Mexico, finding a pitcher of hibiscus tea in the fridge meant one thing—they were expecting guests. “It was something to make sure people knew they were being welcomed,” says the Houston, Texas-based artist of the bright-red beverage that was her mother’s unique way of welcoming people. And that special gesture and passion for entertaining became part of the inspiration behind Hibiscus Linens.

Mariana Barran Goodall standing in the doorway of her store.
Photography by Sissy Martin

“I feel like there’s a lot of power in expecting somebody,” Mariana says. That belief, combined with summers spent in Spain and France, where she learned skills like embroidery and crocheting, culminated in a company that specializes in making people feel special—whether that’s through linens designed for special occasions or classes aimed at nurturing others’ creativity.

Hand-embroidered linens on a stand.
Photography by Sissy Martin

“The idea that . . . you can make things for people and that means you care,” Mariana says, “that was something that was very meaningful for me.” Her love of the handmade means that she and her team still take pride in using machines as little as possible. Their European-influenced techniques, which utilize fine stitching atop typically white linens, pair with vibrant threads more typical of Mexican embroidery for a style of product that’s truly original.

embroidered linens on a table.
Photography by Sissy Martin

While the company’s original products, like crochet-edged cocktail napkins and monogrammed hand towels, are still popular, their product line has expanded to include everything from tablecloths to T-shirts. “By hearing what people are interested in getting from us, we have been able to grow very organically,” Mariana explains, noting that they even offer linens that customers are able to embroider themselves and gift to others.

Mariana Barran Goodall placing linens on a table.
Photography by Sissy Martin

From monograms tailor-made for individual customers to retreats designed to nourish clients’ creative spirits, each step of the journey has only proven Mariana’s ideas of gift-giving and hospitality right. And though she admits she doesn’t know where that journey will end, she does make one promise. “Whatever you need from us to make your life just a little bit more special,” she says, “we’re here for that.”

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