Want to Grow Gorgeous Hydrangeas? This Book Is the Perfect Guide

Photography by Georgianna Lane

Text by Holly Seng

Published by Gibbs Smith, 2020. Images reprinted with permission from Hydrangeas: Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden by Naomi Slade.

Beginning in late spring and lasting into early autumn, hydrangeas burst forth with a brilliance that captivates all who admire the breathtaking blooms. In her latest book, Hydrangeas: Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden, Naomi Slade celebrates this colorful chameleon.

An acclaimed journalist and photographer, Naomi imparts her knowledge of the genus, gained from her training as a biologist and from a lifelong love of plants. She has previously published Dahlias (2018) and regularly contributes to several British publications.

With 240 pages devoted to its variety of forms—mophead, lacecap, and panicle—you are sure to find popular and widely recognized hydrangeas along with new and exciting species. Naomi recounts the plant’s history and cultivation and includes tips for designing with the blooms and reviving wilted floral arrangements.

Photography by Georgianna Lane

Perfect for any occasion, hydrangeas are a garden favorite as they add accents of naturally formed bouquets ranging from vibrant pinks and blues to gentle greens and whites. Each of the highlighted species includes stunning photography coupled with a description and helpful tidbits, such as hardiness and preferred conditions. Organized by appearance, the book offers inspiration among elegant and airy blooms or those that are bright and bold.

Photography by Georgianna Lane

While every page is a must-see, you won’t want to miss the hidden gems located in the last chapter of the book. Whether you’re interested in buying and planting hydrangeas or feeding and pruning your shrub, this chapter is full of important insight. Charming both indoors and out, hydrangeas serve as a stunning showcase, and this book ensures you can enjoy their beauty year-round.

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