Grandmillennial Style—What Is It and How Do We Get It?

Photography and design by Maggie Griffin Design

Text by Hannah Nance

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram or flipped through the pages of décor magazines lately, you’re sure to have seen styles from the past pop back up. What’s old will surely be new again—hence grandmillennial style. A slightly updated nod to the classically feminine style of our mothers and grandmothers, grandmillennial style pays homage to traditional design and classic colorways of days gone by. Want to incorporate it into your own home? We don’t blame you! And we’ve got all the tips below.

Classic Prints and Patterns

Photography and design by Jennifer Dimples and Tangles

Whether it’s classic Southern gingham or a flair of chinoiserie, these traditional patterns are a key element of grandmillennial style, and they’re perfect for mixing. Our rule of thumb—pair a more intricate pattern, like florals or chintz, with a pattern that contains lines, such as gingham or plaid.

Vintage Pieces

Photography and design by Mrs. Chintzy Loves Chintz

A style that’s rooted in classic design and traditional motifs is sure to have at least a few vintage pieces around! A grandmillennial has an affinity for age-old items, whether it’s grandmother’s china or a beautiful period mirror picked up at a local antiques store.

A Touch of Natural Texture

Photography and design by Madre Dallas

From coastal-inspired rattan to classic burl wood, natural textures bring warmth to any space, and you can always find at least one piece in a grandmillennial-designed room.

Light and Airy Palettes

Photography and design by Clary Bosbyshell

Grandmillennial palettes don’t have to include a lot of color, but often you’ll see these spaces decked in airy pastels that are either mixed or matched for a totally cohesive colorway. These lightened up palettes contrast the stuffy, dark colors in homes of old and bring a bit of fun to the style.

Feminine Florals

Photography and design by Amy L Berry

Outside of other prints and patterns, florals deserve their own category when it comes to grandmillennial style. Sometimes, they make an appearance simply on a throw pillow or lamp, but you’ll often find entire rooms in a grandmillennial home covered in intricate floral-patterned wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper—this is grandmillennial style, after all!

Chic Gold

Photography and design by Nicola Bathie McLaughlin

As elegant and sophisticated as grandmillennial style is, you’d be remiss to leave out even the smallest hint of gold.

Attention to Detail

Photography and design by Jenny Steffens Hobick

If you’ve visited a grandmillennial’s home, you’re sure to notice that every piece of décor and furniture in their space has been specially picked out—nothing is bought without thought. Expert shoppers, grandmillennials know how to buy what they love, and they can find a spot for it somewhere!

All About Entertaining

Photography and design by Born on Fifth

Think back to the days of our grandmothers and mothers. Most of them loved to entertain! Grandmillennials will always have a creative tablescape ready to pull together for a last-minute event and plenty of spots to cozy up and relax with friends and family.

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