Garden Enthusiasts Will Love Toby Musgrave’s Latest Book

A country garden.
Photography by Marion Brenner


Cover of The Garden by Toby Musgrave
Published by Phaidon Press, 2020. Images reprinted with permission from The Garden: Elements and Styles by Toby Musgrave.

Text By Holly Seng

From the allées that pervade Baroque gardens like those at the Palace of Versailles to bridges like the one in Claude Monet’s Giverny gardens, beautiful, well-designed natural surroundings spark an admiration that surpasses any language barrier. A collection of features, ornaments, and plants across various cultures and time periods, The Garden: Elements and Styles by Toby Musgrave serves as a companion guide for those who appreciate landscape design.

A lush garden allee.
Photography by Clive Nichols

An international authority on garden history and design, Toby has authored 10 books and often shares his passion as a lecturer in the classroom and on radio, TV, and his blog, Garden History Matters. He also has experience as a garden designer, working in India, Europe, and the United States.

A garden potager.
Photography by Toby Musgrave

Organized in an easy-to-navigate, alphabetical format, this illustrated glossary pairs over 500 images with corresponding definitions, informative descriptions, and historical context covering a spectrum of garden types and characteristics in its 304 pages. Discover more than 200 styles spanning about 2,000 years featured in both public and private gardens. From identifying well-known designs to highlighting emerging designers, this book is helpful to both amateurs and specialists.

A Belvedere in the garden.
Photography by Clive Nichols

For those emboldened to visit the pictured gardens in person, the book’s garden directory includes the sites that are currently open to the public for tours. From Australia and Belgium to Singapore and Wales, the travel opportunities are endless.

A Trompe garden.
Photography by Claire Takacs

If you’re looking to learn more about gardens across the globe while gleaning inspiration for your own outdoor spaces, The Garden: Elements and Styles is the source for you.

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