French Style New Orleans Home

Past the dining room, an inviting family room offers a comfortable place to relax and unwind and is connected to the true heart of the home: the kitchen. “New Orleans is an eating town, so when we entertain it’s usually based around food,” Julie says. Because everyone tends to migrate and subsequently hang out in the kitchen, Julie and her husband wanted to maximize the space in a way that would be practical for their lifestyle. “My husband’s goal was to have the kitchen as large and as friendly as the living area,” she says. And with a commercial grade stove from Dynamic Cooking System, Julie enjoys plenty of space for both cooking and entertaining. “I think it’s a New Orleans thing. You can have the most gorgeous mansion, and everyone ultimately wants to be in your kitchen,” she says. “We tried to make the two rooms as close in size as possible and open to each other for flow.”

Just off the kitchen is the master suite. Again, the neutral white palette allows special pieces to take center stage like the custom headboard Julie created from a discarded garden gate she found on the side of the road. “I’m somewhat of a ‘dumpster diva,’” Julie admits, and allows what was once trash to become a highlighted treasure in her room.