Fields of Flowers and Friendly Animals Set This Alabama Farm Apart

Natasha McCrary holding bouquet in a field of flowers.
Photography courtesy of 1818 Farms

Text by Holly Seng

Nestled in the quaint historic village of Mooresville, Alabama, 1818 Farms is home to thousands of beautiful blooms as well as a menagerie of friendly farm animals who double as cover girls and guys for the farm’s popular bath and beauty products. “People love the animals; why not let them be our models for the products?” says Natasha McCrary, who cofounded the farm with her husband, Laurence, in 2012. “If [customers] aren’t at the farm, they still have a piece of it.”

A box filled with dried florals, soap, and lotion.
Photography by Olivia Reed Photography

Natasha’s most cherished creation came just in time for the farm’s 10th anniversary, which they’ll celebrate later this year. The new botanical wax sachets incorporate dried florals and a spun yarn hanger made from the wool of their sheep. “You can tie a drawing of an animal to the meaning of a product, or you can send somebody a bouquet, but it’s really hard to tie everything together,” Natasha says.

A field of colorful ranunculus blooms.
Photography courtesy of 1818 Farms

In addition to dried bouquets and pampering products, 1818 Farms hosts a variety of on-site workshops. Guests participating in the summer bloom strolls have an opportunity to walk the farm’s flower fields before arranging a bouquet. A newly discovered passion for dyeing garments with florals has Natasha considering how to expand their workshop offerings in the future.

A lamb with a floral wreath around its neck.
Photography courtesy of 1818 Farms

No matter the product that brings you to their online retail store or to the farm for an in-person visit, Natasha’s innovative spirit ensures customers can always anticipate something new on the horizon. “I’m always trying to add new things and do different things,” says Natasha. “I think that’s what makes the evolution more fun.”

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