This Farmhouse Is Filled with Moody Hues and Vintage Touches

Photography by Jim Bathie

Text by Bethany Adams

Rich with the influence of beloved family members and precious personal memories, this home embraces the joy and comfort of life well-lived.

In the Johnson home, perfection isn’t the goal. A lover of farmhouse style from a young age, Ashley Kay Johnson credits her love of comfortable, storied style to her grandmother, Emidee. “She lived in a small farmhouse, and it just makes it feel homey,” Ashley says. “We like a lived-in home over perfection.”

Photography by Jim Bathie

Building off of Emidee’s influence, Ashley has added her own touch in the form of dark, moody elements that showcase her collected antiques with stunning contrast. “I love deep, dark, rich earth tones” she says. “To me, earth tones just kind of give it a more natural appeal, and I love to bring nature in as well.”

At Christmas, the home’s moody spirit paves the way for a table set with black candles and plenty of greenery woven among antiques rich with personal meaning. The centerpiece of the holiday décor is the flocked tree—one of Ashley’s favorite pieces and home to a years-old collection of gold and silver mercury glass ornaments. “I love a clean, simple slate when it comes to my Christmas tree, so that’s why I chose mercury glass,” Ashley says.

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