The Family Treasure

Text by Linda Wright / Photography by William Dickey / Styling by Missy Neville Crawford

Treasure hunter and decorator Carla Edgeworth’s creativity and practicality produced the eclectic style found in this family-friendly home.

This completely updated 1930s cottage was a lucky find by the Edgeworth family. Carla and her husband, Alex, were delighted that the only work necessary was cosmetic. So once the painting was complete, the hunt for unique but practical decorating items began. “Three children under the age of 7 will keep you practical,” Carla says, but it hasn’t stifled her sense of style here.

The kitchen-family room combination is done in neutrals with washable linen slipcovers and white walls. With the sophisticated touches of dark gray on doors and trims, as well as the far kitchen wall, the room is far from being ho-hum beige. Large, comfy furniture is just right for adults to relax in and for little ones to climb.

The children’s areas received as much design attention as the living areas. In the large playroom, an old wooden feedbox now stores toys. Pull-down maps add color to the walls and offer a little geography lesson. The window treatments were made from old flag pieces and hung with rope. The unusual light fixture was purchased directly from its designer, and daughter Amelia’s art holds its own next to a purchased painting of a funny donkey that caught Carla’s eye.

The bedrooms are full of found treasures, including the beds. Avoiding kid-specific themes, Carla designed rooms that will grow with the children. Accessories are easy to change as the interests of the kids evolve.

The Edgeworth home is full of fabulous finds, and when combined with the clean lines of the décor, they create a treasure of a home for the family.

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