Fall into Autumn with Preserved Leaf Décor

Tips from Lauren

Enjoy the process of harvesting, but never collect plants in a national park.Take a slow walk around the neighborhood or garden before making cuttings. Sometimes, I will decide to only select cream or purple flowers. Other times, I will look for only heart-shaped leaves. It’s amazing how many varieties can be found close to home.

“Plant pressings evoke so many wonderful memories of loved ones and special places. A gift of a small pressed plant is a delightful remembrance of time shared.”

For best results when pressing, place the leaves or flowers between absorbent paper towels. Then, slip inside a book or press, depending on the size of the plants. Change the absorbent paper once a day for the first few days until most of the moisture has been removed.

“I love to tuck flower petals or baby ferns between the pages of my favorite books knowing that someday I will revisit them and be reminded of a certain time and place.”

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Cottage Journal Autumn 2017