Fall into Autumn with Preserved Leaf Décor

Fall Decor Autumn 2016

As summer turns to fall, leafy trees bedazzle with their vibrant palettes. And collecting these leaves becomes a familiar autumn pastime as we stroll and hike tree-lined paths.

Since ancient times, botanicals have been preserved for their beauty and cataloged to identify different specimens. In Victorians days, slipping petals and leaves into a book was a way to remember a special person or occasion. Today, framed botanical collections are found hanging on walls as decorative art in cottages across the country.

Leaf Decor Autumn 2016One artist known for her works with leaves and flowers is Lauren Lachance. For years she traveled with her inks and watercolors around the world to document plants. But, she shares, “when I discovered that delicately pressing can illustrate the essence and vitality of a plant, it became my passion.” Lauren explains that the herbier, whereby the plants are dried and pressed, is a centuries-old method of identifying plants to study and classify. “I lovingly evolved this precise technique into an original, contemporary art form. My work’s signature style marries traditional and modern design—timelessly and organically,” she says. Her pressings become dried botanical paintings capturing the beauty and detail of the plant world.