Escape to This Cozy Nature-Inspired Cabin

The beauty and craftsmanship found outdoors is on equal display inside, and for good reason. A group of design professionals from Wyoming’s WRJ Design—Rush Jenkins, Klaus Baer, and Nida Zgjani—worked closely with the owners and architect to infuse the home with a rustic and relaxed authenticity. Collaborating with this group, noted interior designer Agnes Bourne found it to be quite refreshing that the homeowners undertook the project with a playful and experimental attitude. “It was the owners’ wish list of hidden passageways, secret escapes, and strategically placed ladders that made this endeavor so enjoyable,” Agnes says. “Because they were concerned that only one stairway linked the different floors of this house together, we devised a whole series of ways by which they could navigate the place, often out of sight from guests and others.”

Lodge Retreat
Resembling a stack of old railroad ties, the stairway consists of reclaimed wood beams connected by iron dowels. (Photography by Ed Riddell)

Interior designer Agnes Bourne gave each bedroom a unique flair by designing the beds and end tables. Made from reclaimed barn wood the cabinetry in the master vanity perfectly complements its honed Carrara marble countertops.

Lodge Retreat
Photography by Ed Riddell

This upstairs “in-between space” with its yak fur-covered chairs encourages a quick chat or a short respite from the main household activities.