Alabama Mountain Cottage Inspired by Nature

Designing a home for themselves wasn’t a typical affair for this couple, who are both architects. While Patti specializes in residential architecture, Clay is busy designing hospitals. Since this was the first time they worked together, Patti said, “We decided up front it would be fun, not stressful.” Building their Arts and Crafts style cottage took about a year, and while under construction, the two of them would occasionally camp in the house.

The entire design was focused on the view. The living room and bedrooms all look out to the valley. Even the kitchen sink is placed so you can see the valley while washing dishes. Patti calls the home their labor of love. “It’s a peaceful getaway for the two of us, or a fun place for family and friends to gather,” she says. Of course, the thing the couple love most about the place is the view. “We spend a lot of time on the deck and never get tired of it,” she says. There is a constantly changing show produced by Mother Nature. Hawks are flying above the trees, blue birds are nesting, and cattle are grazing far below. And the Birchfields are happy to be privy to prized seating.