Enjoy Freesias During the Last of the Winter Chill

Photography by Kindra Clineff
By Tovah Martin
Winter is when you can explore the essence of flowers up close and personal. This season, find freesias.

If you don’t equate winter with the fragrance of vanilla mixed with gumdrops and just a touch of cinnamon, then you’ve never met a freesia. If elegantly arching stems laden with blossom after graceful blossom do not come to mind when Valentine’s Day rolls around, then you need to stop in at a florist. Freesias are the perks of winter. Just when you were resigned to a season of snoozing by the fire, sipping hot chocolate, and wistfully leafing through seed catalogs, freesias show up in your supermarket. (Hint: keep an eye peeled in the florist section of your grocery store because freesias have newly hit the mainstream.) Quite suddenly, winter is no longer a time when you turn off your senses. From now on, as soon as the holidays wind down, think freesias.

Photography by Kindra Clineff