Enchanting Pocket Neighborhood Cottage

Occupying an essential role in this delineation is the classic front porch. These reliable hallmarks of Americana not only increase the overall living area of a home but also enable residents to informally engage with others as desired. “So many porches these days are what I call ‘faux porches,’” Ross remarks. “They may look adequate but have absolutely no function except to add some form of ‘curb appeal’ to a front façade, which is just babble.” To emphasize this point, the architect encourages homeowners to think about these outdoor spaces as actual, transitional rooms that provide full views from a home’s active areas to the street or public walkway. “The true magic of a porch comes from the fact that it’s part interior and part exterior,” Ross says. “Both private and public.”

While Ross will readily admit that communities like the Third Street Cottages require some innovative zoning adjustments, both on a state and local level, the results have filled a certain need among homeowners. Within this eight-cottage setting live young couples with small children, active singles, and retirees. To explain this broad range of appeal, Ross puts it succinctly: “These cottages are equivalent to the Mini Cooper: small, sensual, well-engineered, and reliable.”