Enchanting Pocket Neighborhood Cottage

Neighborhood Cottage

Text by Robert C. Martin | Photography by John O’Hagan

This cluster of enchanting cottages is as functional and well designed as it is charming. See how prudent planning and lessons from past communities bring neighbors closer together.

We often feel nostalgic about those bygone days when neighbors knew each other, laughter and conversation wafted from ample front porches, and kids delighted in catching lightening bugs and playing hide-and-seek until dark. If you’re convinced these images exist only in the past, think again.

Washington state-based architect Ross Chapin not only believes that such neighborhoods are still viable, but he also designs refreshingly insightful homes and enclaves to actively combat urban sprawl. “My firm and I strive to create places that nourish the individual, support healthy family relationships, and foster a strong sense of community,” he states. Sharing Ross’s vision is a Seattle construction and development group that is appropriately called The Cottage Company, which has completed many of the architect’s projects.