Empty Nesters Refresh Forever Cottage

Early remodeling included putting on a hand-split shake roof and restoring the cottage’s clapboard siding and exterior porches. A family room was also added onto the kitchen in the back, along with a side entrance into the home. Inside, new period-style moldings, refinished oak floors, and custom-made radiator covers sealed the deal. Two small upstairs bedrooms were also combined to create a master suite, and more recently, an aging-in-place bedroom (home office for now) and bathroom were created downstairs.

“When you transform the ugly duckling into something appealing, it’s a truly wonderful thing,” Judy says. “All along we resisted the temptation to move into something bigger.”

The main reason the cottage continues to work wonders for the couple is that they allow it to evolve, never shirking from a refresh or resisting an update. For example, the kitchen’s cabinets were recently redone with paint and hardware, while its stainless backsplash and granite countertops are new.