Embrace Winter with These Dreamy Snow-Covered Exteriors

While winter is here, we might as well embrace it. These cottages are beautiful on their own, but covered in a blanket of white, they are enchanting! From New England to the Rocky Mountains, this snowy lineup will have you dreaming of a winter wonderland.

Our Top Pick

Main Farmhouse in the snow
Image: Jeff Roberts

This structure may resemble a simple Maine farmhouse on the outside, but inside, it’s a breathtaking juxtaposition of old and new elements. See inside!

1Four Columns Inn

Four Columns Inn
Image: Four Columns Inn

This Vermont getaway is charming enough, but under a gorgeous blanket of snow, it makes its way to the top of our list! Take a look.

2Fairy-Tale Charm

blue house with red front door in the snow
Image: Instagram via @mappafarms

We could survive the winter a bit longer if it meant living in this enchanting and colorful cottage.

3Pink in New England

Pink house in the snow
Image: Jackie Greany

Jackie Greany never fails to share images that leave us ready to pack a bag and hit the road! This dreamy pink cottage comes to life surrounded by winter flurries.

4Rocky Mountain Cabin

Rocky mountain cabin
Image: Scott Zimmerman

The reclaimed barnwood siding gives this home timeless charm that is enhanced by a coating of fluffy white snow!

5Country Cottage

white cottage in the snow
Image: At Home In Love Blog

With its charming white picket fence and the gentle glow from lights inside, this snow-laden home must have a great story behind it.

6Stanley Lake House

snow covered garden and home
Image: Kindra Clineff

The homeowners purchased this house during a snowstorm that covered all traces of the garden and path to the front door. But that didn’t stop them from falling in love with this New England Colonial Revival.