DIY Kentucky Cottage


Once she had a home of her own, KariAnne’s passion for country farmhouse style had room to stretch. “I made it up as I went along,” she says. “There are no initials after my name; no formal training. It’s just me and my imagination.”

It’s this vision—and unapologetic willingness to try anything once—that has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of readers at KariAnne’s blog, Thistlewood Farms.

“I’m all about challenging people to love where they live. Repurpose! Integrate nature! Take a risk!” she explains. “Not everyone can make the elaborate city-to-country jump, but everyone can jump. Try a decorating style you haven’t tried. Try a new color scheme. Integrate heirlooms. Don’t be paralyzed by indecision. Life is too short; jump daily.”


KariAnne walks her talk. Her cottage is an ode to DIYers everywhere; most projects were successful from the start, while others have been tweaked to perfection over time. Throughout, she marries natural elements such as reclaimed wood, found corn husks, beaucoup burlap, and the season’s colorful harvest with a creamy, neutral palette that stretches from walls to windows and furniture to floor. The result is “a space to breathe,” she says. “That’s what we should all be striving for.”