Dishing up 5 Bowlfuls You Didn’t Know About Pyrex


In preparation for Thanksgiving, discover the story behind one of the most trusted tools in the kitchen. From the classic clear originals to the colorfully patterned Mid-Century mod collections to the glass measuring cups found everywhere today, Pyrex has been the choice of chefs and home cooks alike for more than 100 years. Check out these facts about the traditional dish ware you’ll pull out for turkey day. For more vintage-inspired stories, look to our Vintage Cottage Special Issue!

Pyrex Bowls

1. How was Pyrex invented? In 1908, research scientists at Corning Glass Works created a glass insert for railroad lanterns that could withstand extreme temperature changes. Five years later, when the wife of one of Glass Works’s researchers grew frustrated with the poor quality of available casserole dishes, she tried baking a sponge cake in two sawed-off battery jars made from the resilient material. She found that not only were the improvised dishes durable, they offered additional benefits like a shorter cooking time, more uniform baking, and a more stick-proof finish.