Discover Your Next Dream Project with These Outdoor Rooms

A seating area on the porch with white, yellow, and green accents.
Photography by Kelsey Glading, Styling and designs by Sarah Hayes

Text by Bethany Adams

Whether it’s sunny spring mornings paired with coffee or golden autumn evenings with friends, there’s something about enjoying the outdoors that will always be uniquely alluring. If you find yourself wishing you could spend more time appreciating the view outside of your cottage, consider investing in an outdoor room—from greenhouses and potting sheds to covered porches designed with comfort in mind, these spaces can help you extend your cottage lifestyle beyond the four the walls of your home. Let these designs be your guide to thinking outside the box when it comes to creating your new favorite room.

Hothouse Haven

A greenhouse filled with seating.
Image by @malinbrostad on Instagram

Greenhouses are, of course, ideal for cultivating beautiful blooms, but they’re also a dream when it comes to enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in comfort. Tuck a few cozy seats in among your potted friends for an enchanting spot to catch up with friends.

Gorgeous in the Garden

A potting shed with wood paneling and large windows.
Photography by Mac Jamieson, Styling by Yukie Mclean

Spaces for relaxing and entertaining are important, but fostering a beloved hobby is a great reason to create an outdoor room as well. Consider adding functional design details alongside more aesthetic-oriented elements, like in this potting shed that pairs practicality and beauty in an unforgettable way.

Brick and Mortar

An outdoor seating area with a stone fireplace.
Photography by Stacy Zarin Goldberg, Landscape architecture by Joseph Richardson, Contracting by Wheat’s Landscape

With enough thought given to hardscaping, a patio space can serve as an inviting outdoor room perfect for cooler evenings. Centering the design on a fireplace keeps things extra cozy, and setting the space into a walled area—as seen here—creates an intimate atmosphere that’s ideal for sharing s’mores with friends.

Keeping Cool

A greenhouse with teal tile floors and an abundance of plants.
Image by Hartley Botanic

Lush botanic displays and cozy chairs are must-haves for a greenhouse space, but don’t overlook the more practical elements of the design. Interior shades and ceiling fans are great ways to keep the temperature under control with a stylish twist.

Green and Serene

A covered patio with a table set for dinner.
Photography by Jim Bathie

Cover is a vital element for open areas in need of shade. While overhangs are a great option, foliage-covered pergolas offer the added bonus of an oasis-like setting that encourages intimate gatherings. And don’t neglect the finishing touches when it comes to creating atmosphere—string lights and lush ferns add more than a little magic to this dining experience.

Shade with Style

A porch with worn furniture and white accents.
Image by @ivorylanehome on Instagram

Speaking of shade—an umbrella can help transform an uncovered porch into a living room dripping with comfort. Place one above a plush outdoor sofa piled with throw pillows for a cozy spot you’ll want to spend all your time in.

Make It Personal

A greenhouse with a wicker chair and potted plants.
Image by @jjays_greenhouse on Instagram

Love a twist on a classic? A greenhouse built from salvaged windows is a fun and creative take for anyone who appreciates a little vintage personality. Consider an inventive approach to things like hardscaping—as with the pairing of brick and gravel in this space—to help your outdoor room shine with your personal style.

The Perfect Porch

A porch with wicker furniture and yellow, white, and green accents.
Photography by Kelsey Glading, Styling and designs by Sarah Hayes

If your porch is covered, turn your attention to soft elements that will make the space more inviting than any room inside your home. Here, hung latticework provides privacy and creates the illusion of a wall without obscuring the sun or verdant views beyond, while rattan furniture and vibrant prints inject an abundance of warmth and cheer.

A Shed Worth Sharing

A potting shed with wicker furniture and floral printed textiles.
Photography by Brantley Photography

Potting sheds like this one may have a utilitarian purpose, but that doesn’t mean you can’t curl up and enjoy their many charms! Wicker furniture and floral prints are obvious choices for a space like this, but no matter your style, consider creating a shed that will encourage you to spend even more time on your favorite hobby.

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