These Designers Share How to Expertly Incorporate Color into Your Home

Photography by Dodson Interiors

Text by Dodson Interiors

Julie Dodson notes that everyone has a different perspective on how we use color and how it influences the design process. “For most of my projects, I prefer using pops of color playing off the natural light,” she says. “In a few instances, I’ll pick a color from a painting or a fabric color choice and repeat it throughout.” While Julie draws color inspiration from art and textiles, she reached out to two industry colleagues to get their perspectives on color, which are quite different from her own. Each one shows how color influences their design aesthetic.

Photography by Dodson Interiors

Segreto Finishes

By incorporating paint color on specialty cabinetry and woodwork or coordinating it with same-shade fabrics, one can create a calm, timeless flow throughout, and interiors can be kept updated. Leslie Sinclair, owner of Segreto Finishes, suggests considering a metallic silver or gold paint for a luxurious touch of color. She notes that, used sparingly, it adds elegance to ceilings, doors, and cabinet details. Paint also makes for a wonderful tone-on-tone faux finish that creates the illusion of depth.

Photography by Dodson Interiors

Creative Tonic Design

As the warmth of summer returns, Courtnay Tartt Elias, creative director and principal of Creative Tonic Design, prefers to bring the outdoors in with hues of blue and green. And for an easy color fix, she recommends loading up bowls of Granny Smith apples or tangerines, being careful not to mix the two. Place them around the house, in front of a mirror for magnification, or in a large glass compote and voilà! You have an abundance of color that is fun and flirty.

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