Design Blogger Finds the Charm in Repurposed Pieces

Photography by Stephen DeVries / Styling by Kathleen J. Whaley

1. Take a large, dry brush, and wipe down the furniture, eliminating dirt, dust, and spider webs from your vintage piece.

2. Shake your can of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® vigorously, and stir when you open can, making sure all sediments are combined. Take your Annie Sloan paint brush, or a quality paintbrush, and brush on paint in a back and forth motion. Allow to dry several hours or overnight. Repeat with a second coat if you wish.

3. Take a sanding block and 100-grit sandpaper, and sand the edges of your piece to create a worn look. Brush off dust with a dry brush.

4. Take a lint-free cloth, and dip in your clear wax until you have about a tablespoon on your rag. Apply a thick coat of clear wax onto your piece, rubbing in as you go. Once finished, go back and cover any spots you may have missed. Color will be darker where you applied your clear wax so the places that are still light are the ones that you missed. Buff your waxed surface until smooth. Allow to dry overnight or, ideally several days, until fully cured.

5. If you would like a more aged and worn look, use a small wax brush and dark wax. Dip your wax brush softly into the dark wax. A little goes a LONG way. Brush dark wax onto your piece. Work the dark wax in as you go. You will want to take a fine steel wool pad and buff the dark wax, smoothing it out as you work. Allow to dry overnight.