Create Your Garden Oasis with These Simple Ideas

We’ve gathered some of our favorite potting sheds so you can glean inspiration to make your own personal gardening retreat.

Text by Hannah Jones

The lucky gardener who has a potting shed knows it is a place of beginnings and refuge. Tucked away in the yard, the small sanctuary contains everything a gardener needs to find joy: a little soil, a few seeds, and a humble work space. Below, we’ve gathered some of our favorite potting sheds so you can glean inspiration to make your own personal gardening retreat.

1A Heavenly Hideout

Photography by Gridley Graves Photos

Romantic is an understatement for this quaint greenhouse and potting shed. Affectionately named Tinkerhouse by owner Donna Reyne’Jenkins, the small space is outfitted with delicate white curtains and a café-style table right outside the doors.

2Double Duty

Surrounded by lavish hydrangeas and towering trees, this small shed doubles as a spot to catch up with a friend or read with a pot of tea.

3Pretty and Practical

The color palette of this charming space was inspired by the greenery outside and shines in its practicality. Shelves and tables on wheels allow for the interior to be easily reconfigured based on the homeowner’s needs and multiple work spaces leave room for extra pots.

4Whimsical Workhorse

Photography by The Meadowbrook Blog

This potting shed is larger than most, but the space is well used. With an overflowing garden of annuals, perennials, fruits, and vegetables, this workhorse of a space is a spot to spend all day in.

5Historic Haven

With a truly historic garden to tend to, this homeowner’s charming greenhouse is one of her favorite spots. A table overflowing with pots gives options galore when she’s ready to repot or brings a new plant home.

6The Gaines’ Family Dream Gardenhouse

Photography by Jennifer Boomer, Verbatim Photo Agency

Though it might appear small on the outside, this outdoor shed is any gardener’s dream, fully outfitted with multiple sinks, a large work table with eight seats, gardening books and resources, and a painting spot.

7For the Bird Lover

This potting shed makes use of every inch of space. With a storage spot outside for large tools, the inside is freed up to allow room for a large work bar and shelves of storage for pots, watering cans, and a slew of birdhouses in addition to a sitting spot.

8Charmingly Vintage

To match the antique nature of this small shed, the homeowners chose vintage pieces to furnish it. Chipped and charming, there’s no need to worry about the occasional cabinet smudge or scratch.