Create the Perfect Shelfie with Our Stylist’s Tips

Design by Studio McGee

Text by Sidney Bragiel

To some, styling your bookshelf can feel overwhelming or even intimidating. But if you follow our stylist’s simple guide below, your bookshelves will be looking stylish in no time.  Read on to shop our favorite styling products.

Start with a clean slate.

Photography by Andrea Kinnear, Design by Emily McAden

Clear any items you currently have on your bookshelves off and take a visual inventory of what you have to work with. Gather various decorative objects, pictures and keepsakes from around your home that you would like to display on your bookshelves.

Tip! Once you’ve gathered all items, start styling your shelves at eye level since this is your prime real estate.

Add books (with attractive covers!).

Design by Meredith Ellis

We know this sounds obvious, but books are the most important element to any bookshelf. . . It is not complete without them! Be picky—don’t just throw any old book onto your shelves. Carefully curate your selection to make sure the books you showcase are beautiful. You may even want to choose books in a specific color scheme. We love to style with antique or vintage books. . . Don’t be afraid to mix these in with modern books.

Tip! Make sure to create a mix between horizontal and vertical lines by alternating how books are stacked. This gives rhythm to your shelves and the horizontal stacks provide you with opportunities to layer in decorative objects.

Accessorize your shelf.

Design by Katherine B Melvin

Weave in your collected treasures—unique finds from travel, family photographs, art, vases, and pottery. Incorporating personal pieces adds character and dimension to your shelves.

Tip! Use framed art to hide unused outlets and decorative boxes to stash any unsightly items.

 Embrace creativity.

Photography by Michael J Lee, Design by Erin Gates

Have fun with how you display your art. Don’t limit yourself to only placing art at the back of your shelves. Frames can be mounted on the front at shelf joints. Mirrors can be displayed this way too! Another way to make your bookshelves pop is to introduce color, pattern, or texture behind your books. Wallpaper is always a great idea!

Tip! Afraid of tiring of wallpaper on the back of your shelves? Opt for temporary wallpaper that can be easily removed.


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