Cozy Cottage Built for Two

Known as a pocket neighborhood, the Greenwood Avenue Cottages consist of eight small houses that cluster around a commons area. Each dwelling has its own private yard that’s surrounded by a low fence and garden gate. Working closely with Seattle-based The Cottage Company, which both developed and built the project, the architect was eager to demonstrate that smaller houses can feel and function much like larger ones when there’s plenty of light and storage space. “And apart from any particular architectural style, I put as much emphasis on the dwellings’ size and massing as I did their appearance,” he adds.

Along with prioritizing their possessions, the Duceys also had to become accustomed with living so close to their neighbors. “Even though we realize that a community like Greenwood may not be for everyone, to us it’s been a very freeing experience,” Colleen admits. “The longer we live here, the simpler our lives become.”