Cozy, Contemporary Style

Text by Lauren Eberle / Photography by Amy Jones

An Arkansas family crafts a cozy contemporary home filled with eclectic art and playful accessories.

It was love at first sight when these homeowners set foot in this open and airy cottage. With 800 panes of windows throughout the 1920s abode, the sun seemed to shine in every room. Truth be told, though, it was the majestic wall of glass kitchen cabinets that first caught the eyes—and heart—of these homeowners, who quickly decided that their eclectic, hodgepodge of style would be a perfect complement to the old home.

Selecting descriptors like collected, playful, funky, and fun, the wife says she and her husband’s style has evolved with their marriage. Thanks to in-laws with an interest in antiques, the pair has a number of beloved period pieces. And yet, with a desire to avoid being too matchy-matchy, they’ve married these older treasures with more modern art, accessories, lighting, and seating.