Country-Style Lovers, Prepare to Fall in Love with This New Book

Photography by Andrew Giammarco, Architecture by Steve Hoedemaker of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, LLC, Interior design by Tim Pfeiffer of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, LLC.

Text by Holly Seng

Published by 83 Press, 2020. Images reprinted with permission from Country Cottages.

Country cottage style knows no geographic bounds, appealing to those dwelling in cities, along the waterfront, and amid the rural countryside. Find inspiration in Cindy Smith Cooper’s newest release, Country Cottages, as she brings you relaxed elegance and rustic charm from homes across the country.

Photography by Eric Piasecki/OTTO, Design by Thom Filicia, Architecture by Robert O. Eggleston, Built by David Lee & Company

Whether modern, traditional, or a blend of the two, each interior is carefully constructed into a soothing space that emanates the ease of a simpler lifestyle. Compiled within the book’s 220 pages are 16 homes to explore with interiors from some of the finest architects and interior designers in the country. Surrounded by scenic views of rolling hills or serene bodies of water, the cottages’ breathtaking settings play an integral role in shaping their style and layout.

Photography by Paige Rumore Messina, Architecture by Champ Webb, C.W. Design, Built by Grove Park Construction, Interior design by Connie Vernich, Vernich Interiors.

The personal nature of country style yields a design deeply connected to the homeowners’ individual tastes while also offering the open and welcoming elements that comprise the style. Each feature in the book includes details about techniques for decorating with country style and the overall design process shared by interior designers, architects, or the homeowners themselves.

Photography by Heidi Long, Built by Malmquist Construction

The versatility of country cottage style makes it a timeless classic, while its hospitable atmosphere creates a relaxing retreat where everyone wants to linger in its warmth. Cindy successfully captures the style’s spirit for a read that is sure to become a favorite you can return to for comfort and inspiration for years to come.

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