6 Cottage Styles Defined

They all hold a special place in our hearts.

Cottages come in all shapes, sizes and styles. While they all hold a special place in our hearts, you might find yourself leaning to a certain aesthetic time and time again. We’ve taken 6 of our favorite cottage styles and listed a few trademark qualities of each. Take a look below and click the images to see even more of your favorite cottage style!

Vintage: retro, antique, collected

Photography by Alise O’Brien

True to the spirit of the home, Ken Stückenschneider’s design carefully takes into consideration not only the cottage’s history but also its surroundings to create a style that feels perfectly placed. And with such beautiful views—both inside and out—it’s sure to stand the test of time. See more vintage style rooms!

Coastal: Near a body of water, sea-inspired colors/details

Photography by Scot Zimmerman

Relying on the local cottage traditions for inspiration, a broad porch runs the width of the cottage and is complete with a swing and bright blue rockers. The painted cedar board-and-batten and clapboard exterior is time-tested to stand up to the salty sea breezes. Peek inside!

Southern: often designed to entertain, comfortable, charming

Southern Style
Photography by Lauren Shaver

Southern style home blogger Lauren Shaver of Bless’er House isn’t a stranger to do-it-yourself renovations. Lauren’s Southern heritage shines on her back porch. With ceilings painted haint blue, hardwood floors, and natural wood furniture, it’s an updated take on the classic Southern porch. Tour Lauren’s home!

English: often thought of as the quintessential cottage

Photography by Michael Hunter

The term ‘English cottage’ conjures up quaint images of a charming abode that’s surrounded by fragrant rose gardens and nestled at the end of a meandering, stone path. Switch the location from England to Heath, Texas, and the roses to camellias, and you’ve got the perfect description of John and Jo-Ann Arnolds’ captivating residence. See inside! 

Country: rustic, homey, community-feel

Photography by Jenna Sue Design

This design blogger’s first flip took a forest cabin from dark and cluttered to cozy and bright. Jenna Sue created a space glowing with a light and airy atmosphere that fits well within the definition of a “haven.” See more country style! 

French: romantic, provençal, elegant, timeless

Photography by Jim Bathie

Whether you are planning a trip to France or just wanting to add a little French style to your home, let our French Style book be the inspiration for your journey. See more French-style spaces here!

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