Cottage Style: A Palette of White

Tips for decorating with white - pairing with dark wood tones

1. Let nature serve as your accent piece.

From wood tones to a collection of shells and stones to plants and flowers, neutral interiors easily accommodate a display of nature’s beauty. Homes with white rooms get bold contrast from dark wood floors in a Jacobean or ebony finish. Nature lovers can also easily display prized collections, which add color and texture to a room.

The creamy neutrals of this home allow dark wood tones on the floors and in the furniture to add depth to the décor. The combination creates an open environment that still looks and feels classic.

As an added bonus, these personal artifacts make easy conversation starters.

Tips for decorating with white - displaying mother natureWithout competing colors on the walls and upholstery, the bright tones of these seashells are easily incorporated into this foyer. The effect adds a meaningful sense of place to the entryway.