Cottage Kitchen Remodeling: Beyond the Typical


The cabinets were transformed with paint, but first the doors were updated by removing the applied molding in the center. The wall cabinets between the refrigerator and oven cabinets seemed to be the perfect location for decorative glass doors, so the thin wood panels were removed, and glass was added. Brenda wanted to eliminate the original desk space that was lower than the other cabinets. A bathroom cabinet left over from another project was repurposed to fill the space.

Since bath cabinets are typically 2 inches less in depth and 6 inches shorter than a kitchen cabinet, a pull-out chopping board was added to the top, and small decorative columns were added to the sides. With paint, antique bronze pulls, granite countertops, and a bead board backsplash, these cabinets and counters were unrecognizable.