Cottage Chic

A young homeowner and her designer create a comfortable space where shine and sparkle are grounded by earthy textures.

Homeowner Kelli Burton says that before she met her interior designer and friend, Laurel-Dawn McBurney, she wasn’t really sure of her personal design style. Guided by Laurel-Dawn’s expert knowledge, Kelli has found her true style, which she describes as “rustic glamour.”

“I love bringing outside textures inside,” says Kelli. “When choosing pieces, we chose a lot of driftwood or natural wood furniture for our home, hence the rustic.”

A neutral color palette, punctuated by a smattering of warm yellows and cool greens, highlights the interesting textures of the materials used in the home and lets them take center stage. The comfortable, collected feel of Kelli’s accessories and furnishings lends a patina to the new home.

From the light fixtures to the decorative accessories, a plethora of metallic accents sparkle throughout. “Laurel-Dawn always told me to use both gold and silver together, that it adds glamour to the space,” says Kelli.

Beyond aesthetics, the home’s spaces and furniture layout have been customized to suit Kelli and her husband’s lifestyle. Their penchant for entertaining is made easier by an airy, open floor plan. “You can be in the kitchen cooking but still be able to socialize with guests that are in the den,” she says. More important, the design is compatible with the couple’s day-to-day activities. “We wanted practical and comfortable; we wanted to be able to really live in the space.”

Cottage Chic

Style Idea

Instead of art, use architectural salvage shutters and other unexpected items to add interest to a wall. Try pairing pieces with different textures to add an organic element to the room.