Cool and Comfy Mountain Cottage

Utilizing your space with bunkbeds

Comfy Cottage Kitchen

Just like dancing snowflakes against a winter sky, blues and whites accented by the warm hues of unpainted wood boldly defined with black trim combine together to celebrate winter.

Like so many houses in the mountains, this home fills in the winter with people eager to enjoy snowy recreation. The cool and comfy décor pulls from the blue hues of the sky on a clear day and the white of the icy snow that that holds the promise of childlike elation experienced when sliding down the slopes. At the same time, the not-so-big size inspires coziness and friendly good times through well-considered spaces accented with soft fabrics, cushions, and throws.

Cool and comfy cottage bedroom detail

Designers have divergent views on approaching the décor of homes where the climate and altitude make winter the pre- dominant season. Some avoid cool colors and lean toward warmer tones. In this home, the light blues and bright whites work because of the vibrancy the designer brings from painting the trim and railings black, the selection of a durable black flooring, and the warmth introduced from the unpainted wood and corresponding warm accent colors in the pillows of living room chairs and the colorful artwork.

Cool and comfy cottage bedroom

The designer uses images of birds in the master duvet, and it calls to mind the poet John Greenleaf Whittier, who said, “Winter is the mother of spring.” The pastel blue is also a reminder that spring is not far away.

Comfy downstairs den

Style Tip

A windowless wall is an opportunity to display art. Here, large, bold canvases bring color and energy into the room.

Utilizing your space with bunkbeds

Using Space Creatively

In this home, the bathroom vanity maximizes drawer space (above), and a bunk room squeezes into a narrow space not much wider than a hallway with floor-to-ceiling storage and space for a television (below).

Cool and comfy cottage Bathroom

A Trick of the Eye

Mirrors make small rooms appear spacious. Here, mirrored shelves flank the reflective medicine cabinet for
an interesting detail that provides additional light and depth.