Contemporary Mountain Cabin

With a bright new bedroom, an accompanying master bath complete with a mosaic tile wall drenched in vibrant orange and hints of yellow was an exciting project to behold. “She used to have this little college dorm-style bathroom. There was one sad light hanging from the ceiling; it was terrible,” Jennifer says. “So we pumped up the lighting, blew out the bathroom, and added a lot of color with the glass tiles.” And with all the color options, Jennifer keeps the small space from becoming overwhelming by keeping a neutral base. “The design is in the details, but those details don’t look too busy because the other walls are solid,” she shares.

And while unique design choices don’t have to come in the form of vibrant orange or deep eggplant accents, Jennifer encourages homeowners to try something different with their home décor. “It’s easy to get stuck in our ways. We’re all guilty of it. People tend to gravitate towards what they know, and this house was a good example of pushing the client just enough to try something different,” she explains. “[We took] a western log cabin style home and made it contemporary with the light paint, contemporary lighting, and artwork.”

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The Cottage Journal Magazine Winter 2017