Big Style in a Small Space

Contemporary Kitchen with Ceiling High Cabinets

Contemporary Kitchen with Ceiling High Cabinets

Text by Ann Zimmerman | Photography by Scot Zimmerman

With space at a premium, this little kitchen utilizes every square inch for efficient workspace and storage—without sacrificing a pleasing design.

In any home, space is one of the most important, and often most challenging, aspects of design. For this new contemporary home, the design is constrained by the 25-foot-wide lot where a miner’s cottage once stood. An open living space occupies the second floor, and with careful design, the width constraints aren’t apparent in the sophisticated black and white kitchen.

The contemporary kitchen claims a long rectangle under a high, beamed section of the ceiling with the cabinets creating an “L” shape along the walls. An island squares up the area and has bar seating that invites conversation. The sleek island also features an elongated bar sink, which can aid in food preparation or be filled with ice during parties and become a handy ice bucket.