Christmas Wreath Inspiration

Welcome with a Wreath Inspiration

Decking Your Doors

By far the most common place to adorn with a wreath is the front door. It’s as if you are starting your holiday welcome before even letting your guests inside.

Double Door Wreath Inspiration

Double the blank space means double the decorating potential. Hang matching wreaths on French doors to create a clean, symmetrical look. Frame the doorway with garland to creative a picturesque vignette that will catch the eye of passersby.

Crystal Wreath Inspiration

Nestling jingle bells into your front porch decor is not just a cute touch, but also makes the simple act of opening the door literally ring with holiday cheer.

Wreath on Red Door Inspiration

Pinecones, baubles, and a bright background make this wreath pop with glee. Classic combinations of red and green at the Yuletide never go out of style.