Christmas Tree Décor

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  1. Deck your tree with family remembrances. Each branch of the tree is covered with ornaments that hold special memories. It tells the story of raising children and of welcoming grandchildren into this family home. Ornaments made by little hands hang beside treasured glass collectibles, and sweet angel keeps watch at the top. Of course, Santa has left toys beneath.
  2. Decorate your tree to reflect the local environment.  Sparse decorations of berry spray garland and simple ornaments in natural colors ensure that the tree doesn’t clash with its surroundings.
  3. Let the existing color scheme in a room be your guide as you decorate your tree.
  4. Continue your color theme with the wrapped presents under the tree.
  5. Celebrate an old-fashioned Christmas with vintage charm. The tree, carefully chosen from the surrounding woodlands, is filled with large colored lights and vintage ornaments, wrapped with silver tinsel, and topped with an angel for quaint, traditional charm. The family gathers next to the piano to celebrate the season, opening gifts and singing Christmas carols.
  6. Don’t skimp on the lights on your tree. The tree glows with white candles and burgundy and gold ornaments against the soft red of the family room walls. A Christmas pillow on a fireside chair, and even the gift wrap, all echo the festive color palette.
  7. Instead of a themed tree, let your family decide what ornaments you hang. The family tree in the corner of the great room twinkles with brightly colored lights and beloved ornaments of glass and wood collected through the years.
  8. Know when less is more. A frosty flocked tree only needs a few sprays of red berries to complete the simple look.
  9. To achieve a traditional look that will last year after year, choose a palette of subtle crimson red, green, and gold—classic colors of timeless elegance and beauty. Using ribbon to festoon your tree is an inexpensive way to carry the color theme around the tree.
  10. Play with a monochromatic color palette. Layers of gold on the tree pair beautifully with the red walls of this music room. White lights and eye-catching strands of garland give added luster to the rich wood tones throughout.
  11. For added punch, place your tree in a neutral-colored room. The tree steals the show amid the creamy canvas of the room. A simple palette of classic colors combines red, green, and glittering gold with rustic berries, pinecones, feathers, and wooden globes. In the branches, sweet birds play peekaboo while star-shaped ornaments sparkle like snowflakes.
  12. Look to nature for inspiration. A peacock-colored tree is naturally sophisticated. Exquisite ornaments, beaded garland, and gauzy ribbon in browns and golds reflect the existing color palette of the room. Pops of bright color add seasonal sparkle.
  13. Set up a tree outdoors or in front of a window where neighbors and passers by can enjoy its beauty. Fresh trees do well outdoors in milder climates as the chilly—not freezing—air helps preserve them.
  14. Step outside the box, and make a big statement in a subtle way. A bright tree outfitted in Mardi Gras colors and bold decorations liven up a neutral, contemporary living room, proving you truly can incorporate any style tree into your home in a tasteful way.
  15. Add color and depth to your tree by lacing it with regal ribbon from head to foot. If choosing ribbon first, a couple of basic colors—jewel tones or neutral hues of winter white and silver—should guide the decorating scheme for the entire room. Likewise, beloved ornaments used year after year should inspire color choices for ribbon and other embellishments.
  16. Give some thought to placement: With the Christmas tree placed near the dining table, the spirit of the season is never far away. It sets the tone for holiday meals and encourages family to linger a bit longer for these festive celebrations.
  17. When decorating the tree, work off the existing colors and style of the room. For example, the same reds and oranges in the furniture show up on the tree, and even packages are wrapped to perfectly match the color palette.
  18. Use your tree to share your family history. The ornaments that fill the tree are not as exquisite, but they shine just as brightly. Each has been carefully selected and preserved over a lifetime of Christmases, and they all hold special memories of happy times shared with loved ones at this blessed time of year. A little handprint, a child’s name cross-stitched beneath a rocking horse, and a candy cane of red and white pom-poms woven through green branches and bright red ribbon all fill hearts with joy and gratitude for the gift of family.
  19. Pick a repeatable motif to unify your décor. A cozy, crackling fire pairs perfectly with traditional red and green accents. The tree’s meaningful collectibles, silver stars, and snowflakes gave it a theme. The mantel decorations and gifts under the tree also reflect traditional Christmas style.
  20. Make your tree your own, whether the style is traditional and comfortable, over the top and dripping with glitz, or somewhere in between. Notice the detail in the ornaments, tree toppers, garlands, and even in the gift wrap on the packages beneath.
  21. Use a super-skinny tree when space is at a premium. A tree, located in a gentleman’s study, is tall, slender and adorned with colored lights and ornaments that give it a masculine feel.
  22. For a unique look, place a small tree inside an urn. A monochrome version gets a little sparkle from gold ornaments and embellishments.
  23. Welcome guests to your home with a small tabletop tree in your entry. Rustic ornaments with a handcrafted look give a cozy cottage feel to a miniature tree.
  24. Use multiples for added impact. Dressed for the festivities of the season, a trio of trees glisten as natural light reflects off rows of brilliant baubles and holiday treasures.
  25. A tiny topiary decorated with ribbon and small ornaments is a wonderful hostess gifts. A little tree festooned with tiny baubles proportional to the size of the branches adds a festive touch to a small small space.
  26. Use materials such as fiberfill and tulle to fill in the bare spots in your tree. A wee wonder looks picture pefect wrapped in winter white, from puffs of snow tucked just so to delicate doves playing peekaboo between branches.